Flirting or being a good co-worker?

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Flirting or being a good co-worker?
My girlfriend and I work at the same place with this I guy I have a crush on and I’d consider dating if we didn’t work for the same company. Office relationships are out for me because of the number of issues that could arise if things take a downward spiral which is why I’m being careful what I do around him. Up till friday, things were somewhat awkward between us cause we’d said maybe 12 words physically to each other, most of our conversation was on skype at work, and my friend (who thinks he likes me) would tease us jokingly which didn’t help matters. Anyway on friday at work, the system was down and since we had nothing to do, we had an hour long conversation about ourselves, family, school and what we wanted to be and stuff, and it was one of the nicest conversations I’ve had in a while. When we went back to our desk, if he was going to the bathroom or something, he’d walk by my cubicle and smack my desk loud enough to make me jump which was cute. Then today, I wrote a note to him asking how his weekend was, and he was today since he had a cold, and made a “fortune teller” paper game with clues to help him play the game to figure out who wrote the note if he didn’t already know. In the note I said it would be something for him to do if the system went down again, and gave him the option of replying if he wanted to. After lunch, I was pleasantly surprised to find he had replied, and more surprised at how he replied cause i thought it might still be awkward for him so he won’t respond but he basically said that he was okay and he was surprised I could tell he had a cold, and he said the game was entertaining and he won’t have thought of anything like that, and I should have fun at work. I wrote him back saying I could hear him sniffling, and there’s too much stress in life, so you gotta way to make things fun, and laugh at the stuff that happens to you, and never got a response which I guess is fine.

I had halls cough drop at home, and was initially going to leave it on his desk along with a note and a different game, but now I’m not sure. I do the games because it’d be fun on an otherwise long, boring 12am-8am shift. I don’t want to over do it though.

My friend thinks he likes me because I’m one of 2 people he chats with at work online, and the only one who can get him to take a break at lunch. I only get to him at work though. My question is will dropping the cough drops and game be over doing it? I’d like to keep things at that “I want you to know that I like you enough to consider going out with you if we weren’t co-workers”, Also is my friend right that he might like me?

Suggestion by Jewelle
Guys only do these things for two reasons:

1) He likes you and wants to go out with you
2) He’s gay, and he thinks you’d make a great friend

Suggestion by They Don’t Like Me!
I don’t flirt with my co workers…I don’t come to work for that.

he might like you, but if you don’t date co workers, why the hell does it matter.

You know how to turn a guy off from you…do it if you don’t like it.

Suggestion by JustChill
first your question was long for a simple issue. if he wanted you bad enough he would make it happen.

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Old PC online RPG. Can’t remember the name.?
ok, so when I was a kid there was this old ass online game that came with another game I had. You could choose from like 6 different avatars at first, which were all cats and shit. You had to walk around this town collecting cards that were worth money, I think they had numbers on them or something, but they were hidden all over the place. There was a big fair and a pirate ship, also a mountain and a fortune teller room.

I remember it was a point and click interface and they had predefined text you could send as audio clips. I have one stuck in my head that might help some people remember.

“Do you want to ride the gondola?”

It was a weird ass game. The whole point of collecting the cards was to buy new avatars. They had space men, dinosaurs, more cats and dogs, all sorts of stuff.

Some one HAS to remember this game.
Never mind, I figured it out.

It was called Knowledgeland and it was made by Jump Start.

Suggestion by jordanlf3208
Brave Fencer Musashi?

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