What to tell kids as a fortune teller?

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What to tell kids as a fortune teller?
So tomorrow is my little brother’s birthday party, and I’m supposed to work as a fortune teller. The kids are in kindergarten, and Im going to have a crystal ball. Any ideas for things I could tell them as their fortune teller?

Suggestion by PG-13
Money, fortune, luck, mariage, challenge, surprise…

Suggestion by phoenixx832
You will consume large amounts of sugar and give your parent’s a migraine later today.

Suggestion by ILikeEarth
That they’ll get gifts.

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crystal ball fortune teller

Im creating a “vision of peace” poster for history class but my poster is just missing something?
I have a fortune teller theme where she is looking into her crystal ball and telling the future. The details are perfect but what I am missing is whats in the crystal ball. I cant just put peace signs so what is peace all about? So, I can draw it and visualize it.

Suggestion by Jay
Small posters or banners that read…No more weapons.
Another one saying …World peace at last.
Another one saying… United countries of the world.

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crystal ball fortune teller
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